Best Travel Yoga Mats of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Practicing yoga is very fulfilling and nourishes the body, mind, and spirit, which is why we always make it a point to do yoga regularly.

We understand that it can get quite difficult if you’re constantly traveling, though.

Fortunately, for those who are really devoted to the practice, you can always get the best travel yoga mat to help you do your poses while on the go.

Best Travel Yoga Mat Reviews

Comparison Chart

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BalanceFrom BFGY-AP6BLK Go Yoga All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, Black, One Size
41n0hKAMSLL. SL500
Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carrier Sling, Black, 72 InchL x 24 InchW x 1/4 Inch Thick
21EGOsTbR5L. SL500
Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat – Premium 4.7mm Thick Travel Mat, High Performance Grip, Ultra Cushioning for Support and Stability in Yoga, Pilates, Gym and General Fitness, 71 Inches, Black
51g+SzEUaOL. SL500
Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines, TPE Yoga Mat Non Slip Textured Surfaces ¼-Inch Thick High Density Padding To Avoid Sore Knees, Perfect for Yoga, Pilates and Fitness (Light Purple)
41LZUslB3oL. SL500
Dralegend Yoga Mat Exercise Fitness Mat – High Density Non-Slip Workout Mat for Yoga, Pilates & Exercises, Anti – Tear, Sweat – Proof, Classic 1/4 Inch

1. GoYoga All-Purpose Travel Yoga Mat by BalanceFrom

41q8ntp6nqL. SL500

Despite limited information on the brand, we simply can’t ignore this yoga mat by BalanceFrom.

For one, it has been one of the top-ranking sellers of yoga mats in a lot of online marketplaces for the past two years.

In fact, at the time of writing, it currently ranks first in all yoga mat sales.

We’re not that surprised, too, since it offers a lot of features, and it comes in an affordable price range.

Product Highlights 

This yoga mat comes in an impressive 71 by 24 inches, which makes it perfect for a lot of people, regardless of their height.

Its made of a high-density foam material and is half-an-inch thick, making it very comfortable, even during complicated yoga poses.

As for stability, this yoga mat offers a double-sided non-slip surface, which is something that you don’t see quite often in yoga mats.

Most yoga mats out there only come with a top textured surface for added traction.

Still, for those who need added stability for the bottom layer as well, this is the mat for you.

Finally, since it’s a travel yoga mat, it will come with its own strap.

41TliXgbuVL. SL500

The Good

We love that its size is very accommodating, especially since most travel yoga mats come in a smaller size in favor of being more lightweight and portable.

We also appreciate the added traction.

Those who travel a lot can’t really predict the types of flooring they might encounter. Hence, getting that bottom non-slip surface is a godsend for cold and slippery hardwood floors.

The Bad

The only thing that we don’t like about this product is that it might not be that durable.

We believe that the dual non-slip surface has limited elasticity, making it more prone to tearing.


  • Portable
  • Travel strap included
  • Excellent non-slip features
  • Comfortable dimensions
  • Affordable


  • Not tear-resistant

2. Essentials Premium Yoga Mat by Gaiam

41n0hKAMSLL. SL500

If BalanceFrom doesn’t have any information about their company online, Gaiam is its absolute opposite.

This brand is a household name when it comes to yoga gear. In fact, it doesn’t offer anything else but yoga products.

Gaiam has a wide range of different yoga merchandise, from yoga apparel to towels and, of course, yoga mats.

Gaiam yoga mats come in various collections and variants, but the one we are going to feature today is the Essentials Premium Yoga Mat.

This yoga mat is perfect for beginners since it is one of the brand’s lower-priced items.

Regardless, you will find that most Gaiam products are priced more affordably compared to others from higher-end yoga brands.

The main reason why we have featured this piece in our list, though, is due to its free travel strap.

Since Gaiam sells yoga mat bags separately, a free travel strap isn’t normally offered, but this yoga mat does.

Product Highlights 

The size is really impressive; it’s even bigger than the previous mat at 72 by 23.6 inches. It’s a bit longer, perfect for taller people, although it is a little slimmer by a few centimeters.

The best feature of this product, though, is the materials used to make it.

Gaiam views yoga in a holistic manner, so staying true to its vision, this mat features high-quality non-toxic material that’s 6P-free.

6P stands for the six phthalates—chemical components that can be potentially harmful to one’s health if exposed to.

Finally, it also comes with a non-slip textured surface, providing traction for your hands and knees as you perform your favorite yoga poses.

51kwspcptrL. SL500

The Good

We really appreciate Gaiam including the strap for free.

We also like the fact that their experts highly considered the user’s health when they designed this product.

That is something you can’t expect from a lot of companies these days.

The Bad

The only thing that we can really complain about is its weird smell. It is probably due to the materials they’re made of.

Fortunately, it goes away after a couple of days.

If you really can’t stand the strong scent, we recommend unrolling it and letting the mat breathe before using it for the very first time.


  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Portable
  • Travel strap included
  • Excellent features
  • Affordable


  • Has a weird odor

3. PROlite Yoga Mat by Manduka

21EGOsTbR5L. SL500

If Gaiam specializes in a variety of different yoga merchandise, Manduka focuses on yoga mats themselves.

In fact, the company was founded way back in 1997 with the mission to create high-quality yoga mats.

Manduka has since expanded and now offers more products: yoga towels, yoga mat bags, and yoga mat wash.

Still, as you can see, they’re all related to their flagship item, which is the yoga mat.

The product that we are going to feature today is part of the brand’s PROlite collection, which are more affordable versions of their original PRO collection.

The prices vary according to the size you get, though. Hence, if you want to save money, get a piece that matches the dimensions you specifically need.

Product Highlights 

As mentioned above, this piece is available in different sizes, so it’s really not one of the main features of this product per se.

What can be considered as a feature, though, is the durable, latex-free material that this product is made of.

It has even been certified to have gone through an emissions-free manufacturing process, which makes this a very earth-friendly yoga mat.

410Eg99eJtL. SL500

The Good

This yoga mat is obviously special when it comes to the environmental care that went through its creation.

Plus, it’s lightweight, so it is very convenient to carry around even during travel.

The Bad

There are a couple of points that we don’t like about this product.

First, it doesn’t have very strong non-slip features, so be ready to take that risk before purchasing.

Manduka does offer a solution—a salt rub, which is a process that will “condition” the yoga mat and give it more texture and traction.

Aside from that, the brand also recommends using a yoga towel together with the mat, again, to lessen its slipperiness.

We don’t want to have to do that or purchase anything extra just to deal with this issue, so we hope that Manduka resolves this design flaw very soon.

For the second point, this yoga mat doesn’t come with its own travel strap, which is too bad, given that Manduka has labeled this mat good to use while “on the go.”


  • Well-known brand
  • Lightweight
  • Earth-friendly
  • Latex-free
  • Various size options


  • No non-slip features
  • No travel strap included

4. Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat by Ewedoos

51g+SzEUaOL. SL500

Ewedoos is a company that specializes in yoga merchandise, such as mats and mat bags, and its name was trademarked in 2018.

The Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat by Ewedoos is a yoga mat suitable for travel, but what’s even more amazing is that it comes at a mid-range price.

Product Highlights 

The primary feature of this yoga mat is its TPE material.

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, a non-toxic, non-heavy-metal material that is completely recyclable yet impressively durable.

It is important to note that most mats are made using a PVC material, which has phthalates.

What we love best about this product, though, is its body alignment system, which is a system of lines embedded into the yoga mat itself to help you achieve proper form when making your poses.

This is a helpful reference system for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Since this is a travel yoga mat, you’d be glad to know that it also comes with its own travel strap.

Finally, Ewedoos is very proud to say that this mat has dual non-slip surfaces (both top and bottom), which effectively add to the mat’s traction and injury prevention.

41rQrbc7i1L. SL500

The Good

The body alignment system of this yoga mat is a really well-thought-out feature that we can’t help but appreciate.

The materials used in this product also deserves some commendation, as well as its dual non-slip surface feature.

The Bad

The only minor issue we have with this product is its thickness.

This mat is ¼-inch, so you can really feel the contact between your pressure points and the hard floor at times.

However, it is not that bad and definitely not a big sacrifice if you consider the product as a whole.


  • Brand-exclusive features
  • Lightweight
  • Travel strap included
  • Earth-friendly
  • Excellent non-slip features


  • Not very thick

5. Yoga Mat by Dralegend

41LZUslB3oL. SL500

Finally, here’s our last featured item, which is a non-slip travel yoga mat by the brand Dralegend.

Again, it’s one of those brands that have very limited information online.

Conducting a quick search at online marketplaces reveals that Dralegend also only offers a single product, which is this yoga mat.

Fortunately, it’s an impressive yoga mat that deserves to be included in our best travel yoga mat line-up. It is priced at a mid-range level, too.

Product Highlights 

Like most other yoga mats, this is also made of TPE, so it is healthy and safe to use, as well as earth-friendly.

Another thing that we love about this product is its dual non-skid layers (both top and bottom), which ensure added stability, even when doing complicated poses.

You might remember us being let down with the previous product’s thickness. Well, Dralegend has made it a point to attain a perfectly-balanced thickness that is neither too thick (that sacrifices the stability of the yoga mat) nor too thin (that can lead to bruised elbows and knees).

Finally, this product comes with a two-year quality assurance warranty.

With this, you will be able to request a replacement or a refund within that duration if you’re not happy with the quality of the product that you have received.

The Good

More than anything else, we think that the two-year warranty, which includes a refund, is really impressive.

To be honest, you don’t see that a lot from other brands, even well-known ones.

Another thing that we really like about this product is its measured thickness.

There are a lot of yoga mats that don’t really focus on that feature, so it’s a nice change.

The Bad

The only thing that we don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t come with its own travel strap.

This is a feature that we really hold in high regard, especially since this is a post about travel yoga mats.


  • Comfortable thickness
  • Lightweight
  • Earth-friendly
  • Excellent non-slip features
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Limited company information
  • No travel strap included

Buyer’s Guide

That’s the line-up of what we think are the best portable yoga mats! You probably want to check out a couple of the pieces we have featured above.

Now, before you do that, you might want to read this quick buyer’s guide first.

Here, you’d learn more about the factors that you should definitely consider before buying a travel yoga mat.

1. Weight

Obviously, weight is not really a big issue if you’re only planning on using your yoga mat at home.

If you do decide to take it with you during your travels, then you’d quickly realize that its weight does amount to a significant level of convenience and comfort.

Hence, if you think you’re going to be traveling a lot with your yoga mat in tow, we recommend getting yoga mats labeled as lightweight if you can.

2. Portability

Another factor that can make or break a travel yoga mat purchase is if it comes with a free strap.

This is especially true for on-the-go yoga practitioners since a free strap greatly increases a mat’s portability.

Take it from us; it can be quite difficult to travel with a yoga mat loosely rolled in your backpack without a tie securing it.

The convenience that a travel strap brings when it comes to added portability is invaluable.

3. Non-Slip Features

Another thing that we want you to consider before deciding on a yoga mat is its non-slip features, especially those that come with dual non-slip surfaces.

That’s because, as we mentioned above, there’s no telling what kind of flooring you can expect to come across during your travels.

You may be lucky to have access to a carpeted floor or an open space with grass. Still, just in case you end up having no choice but to practice on a hardwood surface or a tiled one, you’ll be happy to have that extra suction power beneath your mat.

4. Comfort and Thickness

Speaking of hardwood flooring, a few millimeters of thickness makes all the difference between bruised knees and non-bruised knees.

Thicker yoga mats can be heavier, though, so it’s up to you to decide which feature you would want to prioritize more.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned earlier, there are yoga mats like Dralegend’s that can achieve that balance between weight and thickness.

5. Durability

Finally, yoga mats that are used for travel get worn faster. Hence, to make the most out of your money, try to find a more durable piece.

Plus points if it has a tear-resistant quality.

Now, if you do find yourself deciding whether to get a tear-resistant yoga mat that doesn’t have non-slip features or one that does but is not very durable, we recommend going for the piece with the non-slip features.

You can always get a new yoga mat if your old one gets worn down, but you must not sacrifice your safety just because you want to get a tear-resistant piece.

Travel Yoga Mat FAQs

1. How do you pack a yoga mat for travel?

Here’s a question that we frequently get from our readers: how do you pack a yoga mat that doesn’t have its own travel strap? The answer is: you fold it.

Don’t fold it while it’s rolled, though. Unroll it and fold it in halves until it reaches a rectangular size that will fit your suitcase.

2. Can I bring a yoga mat on a plane?

Yes, you can. As long as your yoga mat carrier (if your mat doesn’t come with its own strap) falls within the measurements allowed for carry-on, you’re good.

Another solution is to simply fold it, as we have instructed above, and keep it in your luggage.

We prefer it as our carry-on, though, since it allows us to do some pre-flight stretching while waiting for delayed flights.

3. How much should I spend on a yoga mat?

There are a lot of cheap yoga mats in the market today, but you have to be really careful before buying one.

You must make sure that it has all the features you need, especially non-slip ones.

Otherwise, you’ll be sacrificing your safety over price, which, obviously, is a big no-no.

With that said, we recommend getting a mid-range priced piece—one that is somewhere between $50 to $100. You’ll get more features and quality this way.

4. How do you make yoga straps?

If you have a fondness for DIY yet your chosen yoga mat (unfortunately) didn’t come with its own strap, know that you can always make one!

All you need is a long band of elastic (we prefer one that’s at least an inch thick) and basic sewing skills.

Obviously, you can always use fabric glue, but we have found that it’s not as durable as a sewn strap.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Roll up your yoga mat. Get the diameter of its roll using your elastic.

Stretch your elastic so that it’s unstretched length is shorter than the original diameter and cut.

Step 2

Cut another piece of the same length. Sew the ends of each of your two pieces together. You will end up with two circular bands.

Attach these bands to each of the ends of your rolled yoga mat.

Step 3

Now, measure their vertical distance from each other.

We are now going to make the carrying strap. You can make it as tight or as lose as you want.

We want ours to be a little tighter for a more secure carry.

Step 4

Cut the longer piece of elastic to your desired length and then sew each of its ends to the center of each circular piece.

Voila! You now have your own yoga mat strap.

5. What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

Yoga mat thicknesses are usually measured according to millimeters (or mm). They vary greatly according to different brands, though.

As a reference, we are going to share with you three standard thicknesses so that you can gauge the option that best suits your needs.

  • 3 mm yoga mats are not that thick, but they are preferred by people who practice yoga outdoors.

This is because these allow the yoga practitioner to feel his connection with the ground below.

  • 5 mm yoga mats are great for those who want to add comfort and stability.

These are more flexible. You can use them outdoors and still feel the ground, but you can also get that added comfort if you’re going to use your yoga mat indoors where there’s harder flooring.

  • Finally, for those who suffer from joint pain, we definitely recommend mats that are at least 6 mm thick. This will alleviate the pain significantly, regardless of where you practice your poses.

Final Verdict

That’s it! We hope that you have enjoyed it, and it has given you great insight into the top travel yoga mats in the market right now.

If you want our verdict, we think you might want to check out the Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat by Ewedoos.

This yoga mat’s non-slip and body alignment features will definitely level up your yoga experience.

Otherwise, feel free to choose between our other selections, or find a piece out there that better suits your needs and preferences with the help of our buyer’s guide.

Good luck!

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